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All our products are handmade with a combination of essential and aromatic oils, and natural exfoliating ingredients. And with a wide range of colours, our products are both pleasing to the eye and smell absolutely gorgeous.

Lavender & Patchouli

Lavender is known to help relieve headaches, insomnia, tension and stress. Patchouli has a distinct, dry, earthy aroma.

Tea Tree, Lime & Gardenia

The clear clean smell of tea tree has expectorant, antifungal, bactericidal and sudorific properties, this distinctive aroma stimulates the immune system.


Smells as sweet and as rich as a bar of chocolate. Chocolate lovers will love this one.

Our products do not merely get you clean, they scent your body and leave you feeling totally refreshed.

Whether you are looking to buy products as a gift or if you are looking for something for yourself we’re sure you’ll be totally satisfied. We also supply in bulk.

All our products have been tested by a leading toxicologist and comply with the EU Regulations on Cosmetics, so you can therefore have confidence in using any of our products. Furthermore none of our products are tested on animals.

How To Make Sure Your Online Order Arrives

How To Make Sure Your Online Order ArrivesOkay so before you panic as to why your ordered jewelry has not arrived and before you even report the site to the authorities, calm down and read this article because we can certainly help you out. We know how valuable and even expensive you have probably bought a beautiful wedding rings or engagements rings online and if you have not received it according to the promised date by the website you bought it from, we can feel the stress and the possible pressure it could bring to your end. But there are things to consider as to why your order was delayed and here are just some notes to look at.

1. Check your shipping or delivery address if it is correct. Sometimes people make a mistake of placing just their billing address and not exactly their shipping address. So if it hasn’t arrived on your shipping address, then it is probably on your billing address in case you had it all confused when you filled up the form.
2. Inaccurate zip codes and house numbers could also be the case. One number in the zip code that is wrong could already mess with the delivery. So make sure to double check the form online and see to it that everything is correct.
3. Shipping delay could also be part of the logistic problem on the delivery company’s end. Always make sure that you have a tracking number to check the route of your item.

Other things to consider to make sure that you really get the item that you bought online is to check if the web site is a legit online store. It is 2015 and believe it or not, lots of people are still being scammed by fraudulent store owners. We know it could be a scary thing to risk your money with, but it won’t be that risky as long as the website is legit. Here are some of the things to check in order to determine that the online shop is real.

1. Check for the office of the website. It would be best if they can show you a physical address of their headquarters. Call the number of their office or do some investigation checking online if their physical address is even real. Google Maps and Google Earth would be able to help you determine this matter.
2. Always see if they have already made some successful transaction with real people online. Their Facebook page would usually give you more information about the legitimacy of their business.

These are just among the tips that we could give you in order to make sure that you receive the jewelries that you order online. There is no need to fear in shedding out money when you are guaranteed of their delivery. It is only right that you do your research first before paying for your orders online. It is definitely a responsible move on your end. Good luck!

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Bridesmaid Dress Thoughts

If you’re the bride is reading this, you must be constantly aware your bridesmaid will be walking down the aisle signifying your wedding. You can have the say on the subject of the wedding, which may be linked to the bridesmaid dresses. So, this may seem like a lot of work especially if you have lots of bridesmaids in your list! But don’t worry; nicely help you great out on this one that includes how you can avoid using this method.

Let’s discuss your budget for this first. In the event you believe you can’t afford to pay for the dresses of yourbridesmaids, you have these choices.

1. Let your bridesmaids pay for their very own dresses. It is alright actually, and they would realize in case you are running too low on cash.

2. Find a person who’d custom made the dresses for you as well as ask for a bundle price. That is less expensive than purchasing from the mall. And it merely is sensible to have a personalized made since you do not know everyone’s sizes.

3. Letting them wear whatever they feel like wearing as long as the colour is still in keeping with the theme. This also means them having to fund their very own dresses.

You always have the option to design it on your own as well and only have it simple. The more frills there are associated with a dress, the more expensive it would get when you hand it around to the one who will make it. There’s absolutely no need to have a world-known designer do it for you. There is the Internet thatwill assist you on this one, so there’s no need to worry about the fashion. You’ll have plenty of inspirations from major designers online! This really is your time to let your creative juice flow and if it’s your wish tobecome a fashion designer, then perhaps this can be the very best time to begin it and yes, it’s not too late to get your fantasies come true. Simply since you are getting married, doesn’t mean your dreams are around. But ok, that’s for another subject. Let us begin to focus on the bridesmaid section.

Moving on, you can also get some wedding catalogues where you could find inspiration on the design of bridal and bridesmaid dresses that you would want for your entourage. That is essential that you just go for inspiration and put some personal touches on those dresses. You don’t have to replicate exactly the design; after all it’s best if your dresses are indeed first. Who understands but after your wedding, you’d be understood for designing your bridesmaid dresses and collect clients on your own for their wedding. That is possible to happen by the way as it’s occurred to some designers before. Don’t hesitate to venture, explore and dare to be creative.

Working With Lighting On Wedding day

Working With Lighting On Wedding dayThe wedding is an exclusive function in anybody’s lifestyle. It is your decision to create the most effective of it. You’re able to develop the most effective from your marriage by for example your personal recommendations in light, presenting, putting on an outfit, and every other applicable behaviour. Wedding light is one element where you can pay more interest. An entire area or a marriage area can glance great with all the appropriate light. You’re able to convert the atmosphere by including candlelight-pigmented lighting or pigmented bulbs; all of this contributes comfort towards the environment.

Employ a professional

It is better to get assistance from a lighting programmer. A seasoned can initially analyse the positioning andpropose for aspects that might be in the unwind of one’s marriage designs and synchronize with all the area. One’s programmer could make sure that it includes software easily, and you have a technique. The programmer may also accomplish in combination with others like your floral store, the light that is most effective to be set by the skilled photographer. You can also propose your personal aspects towards the programmer and find out if they may be utilized.

Use combination treatments

Staying with only one treatment may not be a wise course of action. Applying combination treatments is better. Pick what type of mild you would like too mild the positioning up. Do you want to use pin recognize light, where only one laser ray concentrates on a focal point or a product. Do you want to use gobos? Gobos are around stencils used to endeavour a method in mild. Would you include because they do not eat considerably electricity LED lighting? You also have to contemplate additional features like components. Do you want candles? Where and how in the event you situation these?

Play with colouring

Colouring is necessary to create an ambiance search remarkably. Everybody appears outstanding in smooth enhanced mild. Within the same way additional colours like ruby and natural sleeker shade that is most skin. Prevent pure since it will not healthy anybody is complexion. So that you employ many colours except pure.

Include your venue’s outside facet

Can your marriage area possess a courtyard where readers are likely to stroll around? Shop around the positioning and find out what must be adorned. Are you able to carry lighting over a twisting tree? Are youable to adorn stairways using streamers? For begin regions, you should use lights, pot orbs packed with candlelights or world lighting. The trick to achievements is always to develop your area glance creatively appealing without going-over the utmost effective. It is a smart decision to create your local area as relaxed as you can so that your readers knowledge at house despite black.

Dress-Code While Joining a Muslim Wedding

Dress-Code While Joining a Muslim WeddingAn Islamic marriage is really an evening of complete occasion bridegroom, for that fresh bride, their loved-ones. Ergo, it’s a conference for to all savor and one. There’s today posted notion of what shouldn’t be utilized to a Islamic marriage and what ought to be utilized. Alot utilizes which place on the globe you live in, as well as the Muslims were followed by by the period of solidity there.

In a matrimony that is Islamic, it’s the most vital day for that several. If you know what coloration they’re dressed up in and are not far to them, stopping individuals colors is a must. This can build the several stay aside and build their unique day a bit more exclusive for them.

Muslims have a large amount of existence inside their partnerships. The partnerships are calm and not tense however there is a lot of fun and perform also. Wearing white -colored is the custom in a few places – colored can also be the memorial coloration occasionally. Thus, should you be in a stop white -colored. Dark is regarded as a memorial coloration in a few places like therefore study available the localized customs, before deciding on alongside. Any coloration that is other aside from this is sure to hold one to exactly the same fun feelings they are in.

Bright white and natural are a favored in Islamic partnerships. You have the liberty to produce a design declaration below. Is the fact that the ensemble ought to be mild. Orange and or if you want to put up all range colors, crimson discolored, the option is yours. The ensemble should guard legs and you palms. Is not totally boundless to cause one to not expertise dangerous there.

Being a man, dressed up in a tux or an easy-fit to a matrimony that was Islamic is looked upon alright. You won’t be in the ensemble that is incorrect, but you superior inquire someone in around relatives associates if you need to combine with all the viewers. They’ll be capable of telling you just what their conventional ensemble is real as possible employ one. Dark and donning magic are not pretty atypical having Islamic males. Dark may cause you concerns but having magic you can be confident, you’re certain to look one in around comparable’s associates.

With, a necessity will be to look after your factors, aside from along. Prevent getting anything, which will be over-the-top. Don your generate – a dark-colored stick that is lip will be less unsuitable. Deliver a bag or a little bag. Wearing jewelry on the brow can totally give that Islamic expertise to you.

You’ll find Islamic programmers who you could possibly get touching if you’ve no one that will help you. They’ll be capable of tell you about colors and you’ll discover wonderful matrimony costumes that are Islamic together. No programmers look for on the web and nearby just move-up to your laptop. It is possible to discover everything you want on Islamic partnerships.

Just How To Care For Gold Jewelries

Just How To Care For Gold JewelriesSilvers might be a touch high maintenance than any bracelets that is other out there. Make sure that you are currently sporting these using the appropriate acidity in your epidermis and you’d need to clean them. The opportunity is that the magic bracelets could be wrecked if you’re also acidic. Since which can be fastened, but don’t worry. Possibly you acquire some specialist to accomplish it for you. We’ve in constantly keeping your gold jewelry, here some tips that could work.

Cleaning Silver Jewelries (DYI)- This one is going to be easy because all you could need is some water and vinegar. Is vinegar and mixture water in a serving if you notice your magic bracelets type of tarnishing, what you can do. Merely a photo of vinegar might do and also the rest could be water. Soak it for about twelve to 15-minutes and from then on, you will notice that it is heading back to its original coloration. Erase it having a cleansing towel. Merely utilize a faucet water regarding this and do not ever employ hot water. It would ruin the product.

Storing Gold Jewelries- make certain that your magic items are kept by you the in-room temperature. Humidity could ruin them. But their look would certainly be impacted, while they’re unknown to oxidation. Get yourself a field that could create it not damp and set it a compartment if you should be not using it. Of course, if you are ever currently likely to travel, make sure that you have an incident regarding these. Do not simply set these within luggage or the carrier without these being in a separate drawer.

Sharpening The Jewelries- While preserving the external look of the band, bracelet or one’s magic pendant, make sure that you wash it having a polishing fabric. Do not simply employ normal cloth. Individuals svelte cloths would work, so long as it is anything delicate.

Keeping the appearance of one’s magic bracelets may all be up to how you use it. Avoid chlorinated water, this means you cannot put it to use because the product will be damaged by this if you are in the swimming. Essentially, taking good care of your magic bracelets much like taking good care of your magic items, is. You’ll effectively keep these in a right spot where they will not decline with their look and excellent.

In the event that you impression or note that your bracelets are already destroyed, it would be smart to see a skilled to own it restored. Often, if it looks entirely tainted, or some its parts is starting to worsen, do not think double to find out perhaps a specialist or a professional to look after it. The restoration can merely cost you a couple of bucks than entirely possessing your bracelets wrecked, that could probably not be cheap. Silvers that are genuine could be costly sometimes based on your dealership or the keep where you purchased it. When it comes to preserving and holding their benefit, you need to be mindful.

Fake Diamonds and Just Why They Are Favored By Many

Fake Diamonds and Just Why They Are Favored By ManyWhile somebody sees impersonation gems, it’s incomprehensible why they’d not require eternal develop, sparing hundreds, or possibly a significant amounts of money together, saving money the difference. It is that philanthropy is not being carried of by significant others that are gemstones if they obtain treasured stone gemstones – wanting to make gemstone authorities, excavated gemstone suppliers, as well as the gemstone cartel richer than they currently are.

Zero real solution to see what matters together with the uncovered eye: Researchers built and include incorporated gemstone options that are consequently evidently near a mined pebbles that are precious that also proved gemologists grant exploratory evaluating hardware to view what issues. The most up-to-date unnatural gems have been built by leap forward innovations solidly impersonate the attributes of excavated precious gemstones. They cut on glass; they refract light into minds that are flawless -and products and they have the relationship that is superlative and perfection. In all honesty, in every one quantifiable selection, they are much better than gems that are excavated or coordinate.

Zero price aerobatic: an average exercise in going excavated precious stone gemstones is to employ apparition charges and after show incredible concessions by having an end goal to sketch on buyers. This training is named spider valuing. With lab-built precious pebbles, this deceptive is improper in mild of the fact the expense are lower in the first area, leaving zero house to utilize apparition checking.

Zero motivation to constantly police your created stone gemstones that are valuable: can you everlastingly need the stress that you will eliminate pricey arrangements pieces, hurt them, or get them stolen? Would you like to feel pressured to get a home safe? Whenever you were traveling, do you need to become laden up with again and every now thinking the safety of the gemstones? With gemstones that are precious, that are impersonation each of these issues vanishes.

Zero compelling purpose In a short while, that which you’d pay in payments that are further to guarantee a couple bits of jewel arrangements that are precious that are excavated, you may load your gems pack with gems that are built. Whatever the case, that is not the absolute most noticeably terrible of it. Protection is a cost that is limitless that is continual.

Zero secret excavated hints and gemstone dirty traps: Most excavated pebbles that are precious get skin colorations, imperfections, and the shift in excellent. These truths certainly are a showing terrain to get a smorgasbord excavated precious stone misunderstanding that intrusions and loots buyers. With misleading business hones, the excavated gemstone sector is overloaded from analysis trashing to laser infiltrating to break answering. Lab-built precious pebbles are not multiform, faultless, and respected not high consequently secrets fundamentally do not exist.

Zero helping the treasured stone cartel: It all starts at the very top if based on the states that are united together with the De Drinks gemstone cartel, which would cross trails with authorities against confidence guidelines. Treasured gemstones are or even for your global cartel, truth be told poor to generate and would be lower in cost. Its point is to continue an in quantity imposing business model placement.